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Black Pearl VR

Black Pearl

ELDR "Black Pearl" interactive VR experience


You find yourself alone on a small island in the middle of the sea. Explore the sand and rocks to discover traces left by ELDR when she inhabited the island. What happens when you take the black pearl from the floating shell? 

listen to the radio, explore the virtual merch hut and be serenaded by ELDR's     a cappella vocals while reading lyrics inscribed on the rocks.


As the stars twinkle in the dusk sky, enjoy a moment of stillness. 

Developed by Tamer Aray & ceslav sukstul

VR director philip james McGoldrick 

Instructions: Play on google chrome browser. navigate via keyboard arrows.

"Black Pearl" video credits


director                   balbina Bochuzynska

Cinematographer                Diana Olifirova

Performer                                 ELDR

art director                     Matilda Vidal

Hair, makeup & prosthetics        Alice platts

costume & styling                Matahari devi

AC                                    emmy ren

spark                         elena armeellini

ad                                Reuben samra

Art assistant              Helen Victoria Lang

runner                          modest mulenga

runner                       Anastazja karpun 

editor                                    eldr

Grade                                 Jia Lang

honorable mention- athens international art festival 2023

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