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(video & single premier- friends)

"Widely known for her raw and unapologetic approach to tune crafting, the new single proves no exception, with an infectious energy that evokes both an unsettling of the mind as well triumphant self-empowerment..."

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Women united art MAGAZINE

"Music to Marina is about catharsis- where it becomes a safe space to explore the darkness experienced within yourself. As ELDR, Marina gets to tell stories of her own history and traumas...As a vocal advocate for women in the arts, Marina inspires women to be celebrated and empowered in their creative journeys..."


"Marina Elderton is an example of the ‘ambidextrous’ artist. AN AWARD WINNING COMPOSER... Taking inspiration from artists like Björk and PJ Harvey, her sound – as heard on new EP Höly Stranger – is both deeply immersive and charmingly unnerving."

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RTE News: Q&A

"Emerging artist ELDR has released her second EP, Höly stranger. We asked her the BIG questions . . ."

mystic sons Q&A

"With its rich and ambient atmosphere, sweeping tones, and her own otherworldly voice at the helm, Spinning Tops makes for a vital and engaging listen throughout..."

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she makes music Q&A

"Channelling her raw and adventurous approach to production and songwriting, her newest collection looks to add the next vibrant chapter in her ever-growing catalogue... ".

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Flaunt magazine Q&A

summoning video Exclusive

"feral femininity at it's finest"

music news

Live ep launch show review

"a front woman you struggle to take your eyes off.,,The whole set passes with a sense of haunting majesty. A very special debut from a hugely talent musician."

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PRS M Magazine

"Award-winning composer Marina Elderton has just signed with BDi in an exclusive, worldwide deal".

high clouds

"Wilt sounds almost like a mystical experience with its combination of haunting vocals and ambient-inspired textures. Intricate and emotional".

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When the horn blows

"She pulls her listener deeper into her hypnotic soundscape, the emotion in the song wrapping itself tighter around its listener  before artfully  building to crescendo. 'Defender' leaves its listener feverishly filled with an all consuming hunger to hear more.".


"Her songs are filled with drama and tension, built with layered harmonies, guitar melodies and driving basslines...  an instantly recognisable style".

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Music business worldwide


Music news 

debut ep review

"Dark and intriguing, yet uplifting and infectious, ‘Defender’ is one of the best EP's i’ve heard in 2019."

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